Introduction to Product / Market fit

Familiarise yourself with Product / Market fit, the most important business concept of our days

Let’s try to answer the question:

What is product-market fit (or PMF)?

The product-market fit concept was developed and coined by Andy Rachleff, president and CEO at Wealthfront.

He invented the term to describe the investing style of Don Valentine, founder of Sequoia Venture Capital firm and pioneering investor.

It is a common mistake among many startup founders to believe that they can attain growth, without getting to product-market fit.

However, the growth phase comes after a startup finds product-market fit.

It is without a doubt that getting to product-market fit is crucial for any startup business.

According to Marc Andreessen, an influential American entrepreneur, who runs the infamous Venture Capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz

“The only thing that matters is getting to product-market fit.”

Watch our short course to get an Introduction on what Product / Market fit is and how to analyse it

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Aggelos M

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  Introduction to Product / Market fit
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